Day #8: Over half a stone gone!

Just a tiny blog today (as I’m preparing to go to Chelmsford) to say that in just seven days, I’ve shed 7.2lbs. Super-happy and determined to keep it up!

This post has been made possible by my awesome Patreon supporters Peter Weilgony, Ricky Steer, Marc Alexander, Sammy and Jelly, John Fleming, Mary Clarke, Matthew Sylvester, Brian Engler, Jack Scanlan, Dave Nattriss,, Mark White, Lucy Spencer, Shane Jarvis, Graham Nunn and Marcus P Knight.

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2 thoughts on “Day #8: Over half a stone gone!”

  1. While I do prefer salty peanuts, I can appreciate unsalted ones for some reason. Same with peanut butter, my favourite substance to put on my toasts in the morning : I prefer the full fat, salty one (Kraft is the best), but I also enjoy the 100% peanuts only that you have to stir with a spoon.

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