Day #9: Slipping up

Yesterday I slipped up, on the first tour date of the year. The super-lovely host gave me a box of Cadbury’s Heroes as a thank you present. I was feeling nauseous on the train due to a car journey, and thought ‘I’ll just have a couple of chocolates to settle my stomach’. One train journey later, the box was empty…

The thing about slipping up and bingeing is I always berate myself with negative self-talk. ‘Look what you’ve done! You’ll never be slim now. Is there any point in trying? You’ve undone all your good work.’ We speak to ourselves like we would never speak to a friend, let alone a child.

My lovely Facebook friend Vladimir Pyaskovsky sent me this BBC article on sticking to your goals. It’s worth reading in full, but it’s about cutting yourself slack and building in room for setbacks on the road to achievement. The final paragraph says “Perhaps, try not to be too hard on yourself if you receive a setback. The evidence suggests that we catastrophise our failures when we really ought to see them as excusable slips.”

In the spirit of that: I’ve still lost 6.2lbs in the past eight days. I just have to get up and keep going, and be kinder to myself. So now I’m going to go and have some porridge and berries, and start the new day.


Diet update

Days: 8

Total loss: 6.2lbs

Still need to lose: 61.2lbs

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9 thoughts on “Day #9: Slipping up”

  1. When I feel nauseous, especially travelling, chocolate would be the last think I’d want to eat. I’d drink pints and pints of Coca Cola though. My own remedy for travel sickness. Not sure if is not worse.

    1. Ooh, I haven’t heard that one. Might have to try it next time I’m nauseous. By the way, I was going for the biscuity chocolates (Double Deckers) on the grounds that the biscuit might settle my stomach. Weirdly, it did.

      1. From my personal experience (so take it with a grain of salt) Coke is good against nausea (unless it’s gastroenteritis you have), it’s also good against motion sickness and headache. But it’s just terribly unhealthy otherwise.

  2. You might find yourself having a bit of an upset stomach from this, due to gut bacteria getting to feast on sugar – never fear, coconut yoghurt to the rescue! Will help to balance the good bacteria, it’s plant based and only about a teaspoon of sugar per serve (all from fruit though, so not refined). It’s a little pricey by definitely worth it.

    Keep going Ariane, you’re doing amazing!

    1. And when I refer to a serve, I mean 100 grams. None of that ’50 grams is a serve’ nonsense!

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