Day #10: Confession time

No, I didn’t binge. But I also didn’t weigh myself today.

I wasn’t scared to or anything, but I’ve been away on tour and my scales were just too heavy to bring (ironically!). They’re about 12lbs in weight, and lugging them down to Portsmouth would have meant there wasn’t room for everything else I needed to take in the suitcase. (And, possibly, that I couldn’t even lift the suitcase.)

I really intended to take them, as you probably read in my New Year’s Eve post – but it just wasn’t viable.

I woke up in a hotel in Portsmouth and there were no scales in the bathroom. I mostly avoided the breakfast buffet though, so that’s a win!

God I’m knackered though. Travelling really takes it out of you, which makes no sense as you’re sitting on your bum most of the time. Perhaps your body has to continually adjust to the motion or something?

Anyhow, next time I go on tour (next Tuesday and Wednesday, to the Isle of Wight) I’ll bring my tape measure along. It weighs next to nothing and should give me an indication of how I’m doing weight-wise.

Thanks for bearing with me, lovelies.

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