Day #11: When life gives you lemons

I weigh more again today. Clearly that’s my fault, and I have to take responsibility – but I’m pretty sure it’s also the fault of lemonade.

You see, I love the stuff. I drink diet lemonade at home (1 calorie per glass) so when I’m on tour, and the host kindly offers me a drink, I choose lemonade. Sweet, sour tangy lemonade always hits the spot.

I wasn’t really factoring it into my day, but I’ve since discovered that a pint of non-diet lemonade is 230 calories! And I was having two pints.

Next time, I’ll drink plain water. It’s boring, but at least it’s calorie-free.

On Reddit’s weight loss forum r/loseit (my guilty pleasure), whenever someone claims they can’t lose weight, Redditors tell them there must be hidden calories somewhere in their diet. I think we’ve found my hidden calories.

Today I’m going to be really good: start hitting my Apple Watch goals again, eat my five-a-day and weigh less again tomorrow. It’s hard to hit your Apple Watch goals on tour: if you’re seated on a packed train for three hours with people standing in the aisle and all your belongings under your seat, you can’t really get up and walk around! ‘Excuse me, I need to hit my Stand goal – can everybody move out of my way and clear a path for me?’

But I’m now home until Tuesday, so have three full days in which to be virtuous. I’m going to the cinema today with the eight-year-old to see Little Women, so my Stand ring on my Apple Watch is going to miss an hour – but I’ve woken up early so can still close it if I’m good.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Diet update

Days: 10

Total loss: 5.6lbs

Still need to lose: 61.8lbs


If you ‘can’t lose weight’, look for the hidden calories in your diet.

Remember that drinks can contain lots of calories as well as food.

Also bear in mind that calories in drinks don’t fill you up.

When offered a drink, it’s always best to choose water.

Quote of the Day

“Three months from now, you will thank yourself” – Anon

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3 thoughts on “Day #11: When life gives you lemons”

  1. I only like lemonade during summertime. Especially when it’s hot. I need to find my hidden calories. Peanut butter? Beer? Milk? Too many suspects, and I love all of them.

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