Day #12: Time and patience

My body feels so much better when it’s lithe and slender. Now, my fingers are uncomfortably plump, my head rests on a chin cushion of fat and my stomach sits on my thighs when I’m on the toilet. I feel heavy and full and as though everything is an effort. I can’t wait to be skinny again.

The hardest thing about weight loss is it takes so much time, especially if you have a lot to lose, as I do. I’m reminded of Coldplay: ‘Nobody said it was easy/Nobody said it would be so hard’. The next lyric is ‘I’m going back to the start’, which is something I keep doing in my weight loss journey, yo-yoing and undoing all my good work.

Perhaps this is a chance to learn patience, and perseverance, and consistency, and restraint: four things I’m not very good at. I always want everything now, which goes for chocolate biscuits as much as career achievements. Maybe there’s something to be said for waiting, and striving, and letting the rewards fall where they may instead of grasping for them all the time.

Anyhow, now it’s time for beans on toast.


Diet update

Days: 11

Total loss: 5.6lbs

Still need to lose: 61.8lbs


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6 thoughts on “Day #12: Time and patience”

  1. By the way, Ariane, for me it’s always been easy to quit some habits not exactly on New Year’s Eve but shortly after. So it you have something to quit, try now.

  2. Scary but real factoid – there’s more sugar in tomato sauce than there is in caramel ice-cream.

    ‘That Sugar Film’ has ruined me foreverrrrrrrr…

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