Day #18: Quick change of plan


OK: I’ve decided to eat my maintenance calories on the days when Lil is with me. This is because it’s far easier to stick to a low-calorie diet when there aren’t muffins, scones and crisps galore in the house!

So I’m going to eat 1,200 calories a day from Monday to Thursday and 1,700 calories from Friday to Sunday. I think this will work out a lot more favourably for weight loss.

Diet update

Days: 17

Total loss: 7.6lbs

Still need to lose: 59.8lbs


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5 thoughts on “Day #18: Quick change of plan”

  1. I just need a way to stop being hungry and I’ll be okay. It’s already difficult going dry when I crave alcohol, especially with a bolognese like tonight. Reducing desserts intakes is near impossible right now. And milk! Gosh milk is good!

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