Day #20: Stuck in a rut

Yesterday I tried really hard on the diet. I weighed and measured and counted everything I ate, stayed completely ‘on plan’ (I’m a member of Slimming World) and was really looking forward to weighing myself today and seeing a huge loss – and yet, I’m stuck at 12st 0.8lbs.

It’s as though my scales are faulty, though I’m sure they’re not. It’s also incredibly frustrating. But I just have to trust that if I keep dieting and doing everything right, I’ll see a loss very soon. Then I can stop using the same bloody picture every post!


Diet update

Days: 19

Total loss: 7.6lbs

Still need to lose: 59.8lbs

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6 thoughts on “Day #20: Stuck in a rut”

  1. I’ve heard that this happens when you diet: at some point you’ll stop losing weight for a while. I think it’s just a phase. Happened to me around 2006. Was working hard to lose weight without success. Liverpool’s hills put me right on track.

      1. I call it the Liverpool miracle. It’s all about the hills. No but more seriously, what made me lose weight back in 2006 was lots of walking and a fish based diet. I had a different metabolism then though, so I could indulge myself far more. I lost a bit more than a stone still stuffing myself with crisps beer, cake and so on.

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