Day #21: At last!

At last, the tiniest bit of movement on the scales. If they hadn’t budged today, after a whole day of being ascetic and weighing and measuring every morsel, I might have given up and caved into the twin temptations of pizza and chocolate.

Thanks for all your comments, by the way. They’re greatly appreciated and let me know that people are reading and caring. I have to keep reminding myself that these dull days where nobody knows or sees what I eat are paving the way for the big events this year which I want to be slim for: my birthday, my book launch, and my humanist celebrant training.


Diet update

Days: 20

Total loss: 8lbs

Still need to lose: 59.4lbs

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6 thoughts on “Day #21: At last!”

  1. I think the matter is that you can’t accurately estimate calories just by counting them – you can work it out only by trial and error
    Good luck

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