Day #22: Focusing on the positive

Another day of striving and eating less; another morning of failure on the scales. Zut alors! How can it be possible for me to eat fewer calories than I burn and actually gain weight? It defies the laws of physics! Isaac Newton is turning in his grave as I type.

However, let’s focus on the good news. I started the diet exactly three weeks ago, and my measurements have changed a lot.

My boobs were 40E. They’re now a 38D. Still large by anyone’s standards, but shrinking.

My waist was 41 inches. It’s now shrunk to an amazing 34 inches!

Lastly, my hips were 46 inches. They’ve decreased by two inches, and are now 44 inches.

The waist is the most important bit, as carrying fat around your waist is dangerous. And losing seven inches in three weeks is no mean feat! It’s an inch lost per three days, maths fans.

So yes: focusing on the positive makes sense, even if the scales are being profoundly annoying. It would be a real shame to quit now and undo all my hard work. Every time I consider giving up, I think, ‘How do I feel about being fat forever?’ And the answer is: demoralised. Admitting defeat is not in my nature.

Therefore: onwards and downwards!


Diet update

Days: 21

Total loss: 7.4lbs

Still need to lose: 60lbs


When you’re dieting hard but the scales aren’t showing results, measure yourself instead. You might be pleasantly surprised.

When thinking of quitting your diet, ask yourself: are you willing to be fat forever? If not, keep going.

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5 thoughts on “Day #22: Focusing on the positive”

  1. You know some women would pay good money to a plastic surgeon to have breasts that size?

    All jokes aside, I think you’re at that stage my friend told me about when I was trying to lose weight fourteen years ago : when your body has to get through the hard fat and it looks like no progress is being made.

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