Day #23: Do I even want to lose weight?

So far I’ve only lost 6.8lbs this month. I’m pretty sure that, though I consciously want to lose weight, my subconscious doesn’t. It makes excuses for me to eat, like ‘oh, I don’t know how many calories I’ve eaten today, so I might as well eat what I want’, or ‘I’m going out for lunch with a friend, so I don’t want to just let him eat alone’, or ‘I don’t want to eat too little unless my metabolism slows’.

I need to realise that nobody is putting food in my mouth. What I eat is my responsibility alone, and my excuses are just that: excuses to remain fat. Of course, my subconscious is playing a huge part, but recognising that is part of the journey.


Diet update

Days: 22

Total loss: 6.8lbs

Still need to lose: 60.6lbs

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2 thoughts on “Day #23: Do I even want to lose weight?”

  1. I think it’s not so much that your subconscious does not want to lose weight as it may not want the sacrifices to attain that goal. I miss my late 20s, when I could lose a stone with minimal effort.

  2. I think what you need is to grow into the role of a different person that has different preferences and habits. For example, I love to be a kind of ascetic in some way – for me there’s some refinement to it – I find the idea of dolce vita to be just vulgar. Look for some inspiring examples who LOVE to live the way you want; if you copy them, then it won’t be a struggle for you.
    Anyway, you have plenty of time to experiment with yourself – isn’t it exciting and funny?
    Cheer up and good luck!

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