Lockdown Diary #48: De-badgered!

So I dyed my own hair for the first time on Thursday night, because I had my online funeral training course at the weekend and didn’t want to resemble a skunk-cum-badger. It was very simple indeed – I just mixed the dye and daubed it on my parting, not bothering with the grey hair underneath. This is my ‘before’ picture:


Then I had to go outside and clap for the NHS with dye all over my hair. As a friend said, I should have been clapping for Garnier instead!

The dye didn’t ‘take’ completely, meaning it didn’t cover all my greys. But it did a good enough job that I no longer felt self-conscious – and it only took half an hour and £3.99. Hurray for Laboratoires Garnier!


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7 thoughts on “Lockdown Diary #48: De-badgered!”

  1. Just noticed one of your Patreon supporters is Aragorn Strider!!!

    You have very exalted Royal friends. Doth he bring with him the armies of Gondor and Rohan and the Rangers of the North?


  2. “skunk-cum-badger” sounds like the page nobody wants to try from a scuzzy novelty modern Kama Sutra… I’d imagine…

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